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Central Park House: Bosa Properties Virtual Realtor Event

We helped Bosa Properties showcase Central Park House, their newest addition to the Bosa Collection, through an exclusive realtor event that broadcasted live to over 800 virtual attendees.

Reveal Events Group helped Bosa Properties plan and produce a virtual realtor event to launch their new presentation center for Central Park House. Central Park House is a brand-new condo tower in Burnaby’s Metrotown and was designed by international architecture firm Gensler, making this their first residential tower in Canada. Due to COVID-19, Bosa Properties could not host an in-person realtor launch, where they would typically invite realtors to visit the presentation center, view the floor plans and building models, and tour the show homes. They approached Reveal Events Group to transition this in-person launch to an engaging, virtual event that would provide the realtors with all the information they would need to tell their clients and produce a professional buzz-worthy event that would generate interest.

The Experience

To create a memorable virtual experience, the Reveal Events Group team transformed this in-person event into a live virtual tour of the presentation center, filmed and broadcasted in real-time to the virtual attendees. With interviews and speeches from their CEO, VP of Sales, and the Chief Architect from Gensler, who joined remotely via Zoom from New York, the live broadcast event also featured presentations of the display models by their Sales Managers. Finally, it featured a walk-through tour of the show homes with a hand-held camera. By broadcasting this as a television show and ensuring that the event's flow felt like the attendees were there in person, it allowed the realtors to get a thorough understanding of the new property.

One of the biggest challenges around this event was that the shots had to be choreographed and mapped out meticulously beforehand since once the cameras turned on, it was broadcast live to the attendees. The team also had to ensure that the broadcast tour of the show home, which was done with a hand-held camera, was smooth and not jumpy. To that end, we worked with highly experienced hand-held camera technicians and made sure the entire team went through rehearsals before going live.

The Impact

From technology management and integration, content curation and production management, and day-of support, our team ensured that the final broadcast was polished, professional, and high-quality and was produced following all COVID-19 protocols. It also resulted in an online experience far more engaging than a typical pre-recorded video and was viewed by over 800 virtual attendees.

At a Glance


Weeks of Planning


Virtual Attendees


Production Technicians


Alex – Thank you so much. Your team was top-notch and so professional and added a level of sophistication to our event that was commensurate with the offering of Central Park house. We look forward to working with you again.

Jean Openshaw, Vice President of Sales

Extraordinary Experiences,

Everlasting Impact. 

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