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Exclusive Canadian Partner for Quiet Events

As an exclusive Canadian partner for Quiet Events, Reveal Events Group can help you plan, manage, and produce a unique experience for your next corporate event: a silent party. A silent party or silent disco is a memorable event experience where all your guests are wearing custom-designed wireless headphones. They offer an immersive party experience without the noise, allowing your guests the opportunity to mingle and socialize as well as dance the night away!  

We can work with you to creatively incorporate the Quiet Event headphones in almost any type of event - from corporate holiday banquets, launch parties to conferences, expos, and conventions, outdoor events, and more. The headphones also allow your guests to switch between channels, which offer a unique set of opportunities. You can provide different music genres at a holiday party, create break-out sessions at your conference that happen simultaneously, and even offer health and fitness options, like silent yoga! Whatever the event, we can help you plan an unforgettable quiet experience. 

Bring everyone together in your next event in a creative and fun way! A Quiet Event can transform your next corporate event into one they'll never forget. 

How We'll Help You

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How Quiet Events Work

Silent Disco Event in Vancouver

Turn any event into a headphone party

You can easily rent Quiet Event headphones specific to your type of event, from glowing, party-style headphones to conference headphones that allow you to stream up to 10 audio sources. Each headphone comes fully charged, sanitized, and can work up to over 15,000 feet from the base. All you have to do is plug and play to get your party started! 

Multiple options for entertainment

With Quiet Event headphones, your guests are in control of the music! They can tune into three different channels to find the type of music they like best, and the glowing LED lights will let people know what everyone is listening to. With either pre-made mixes or DJs on-site, we can help you throw a memorable night out for your attendees. 

Multiple Streaming Channels for Quiet Events
Attendees networking at a Quiet Event in Vancouver

Immersive experiences for your guests

Create immersive experiences for your guests, no matter the type of event. Streaming on multiple channels also allows you to create simultaneous break-out sessions for a conference or expo easily and provides numerous entertainment options for an outdoor event. When your guests want to socialize or network, they just need to remove their headphones! 

Options for socially distanced events

We can help you plan an innovative virtual or hybrid event using Quiet Event headphones. From drive-in events to virtual dance parties and more, the opportunities to connect in a memorable, yet safe way, are endless! 

Quiet Event Headphones

Past Quiet Event Projects

We have successfully helped past clients incorporate Quiet Event elements in their corporate events. Book a free consultation with the Reveal Events Group team to learn how we can help you plan your next silent event! 

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