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Hybrid & Virtual Events Production Vancouver


Virtual Experiences Like No Other

When done right, virtual events are ideal for your company or association to reach a wider audience, share ideas, network, and make meaningful social connections safely and securely. Virtual events also strip away many of the common barriers to attendance, such as travel constraints, and enable you to expand your event's reach cost-effectively. However, they also come with their unique challenges. With shortening attention spans and digital burnout, your virtual event needs to engage your audience and provide them with an interactive experience that goes beyond simply clicking a link and passively watching an online presentation. 

That's where Reveal Events Group can help. With over 25 years of experience in the event industry, our creative Vancouver-based team will help you plan and produce an engaging virtual event that will achieve your goals while delivering an immersive, interactive experience. Whether it's a new event you're planning or an annual in-person event you need to transition into an online experience, you can count on us to make it extraordinary.

Did you know? You can get 5x the attendees for a virtual event because it is more accessible and cost-effective to attend.

How We'll Help You

Consultation & Planning

Sponsorship Integration

Virtual Platform Selection

Technology Management & Integration

Interactive Engagement

Hybrid Venue Selection & Design

Our Approach to Virtual Event Management

Virtual Event at Willowbrook Mall

Delivering tangible results & ROI

We begin with a consultation to talk to you about your virtual event, your desired outcome, and your business objectives. We chart out your virtual event 'must-haves' and 'nice-to-haves', which guide the entire planning process to ensure we achieve your business objectives and drive ROI.

Managing your content delivery

Whether you want your virtual event broadcast live or pre-recorded at your workplace or a professional studio, we help manage and execute your content delivery and build out your virtual events platform. Don't have a virtual event platform in mind? We will help you with the selection process based on your event's needs and goals. 

Virtual event for Tri City Chamber of Commerce
Swag bag for virtual attendees

Interactive & immersive experiences

As we build out your virtual events platform, we ensure there are elements of interactivity. From home deliveries, swag bags to other virtual entertainment options, we curate the entire digital experience to create unforgettable moments that captivate and engage your guests. 

Seamless day-of-the-event execution

On the day of your online event, we help you deliver a high-quality broadcast through your chosen platform on schedule. Our team handles all the moving parts, so you have a stress-free experience. Afterward, we provide you with a post-event debrief. 

Virtual realtor event for Bosa Properties

Our Virtual Event Projects

Our virtual event clients are typically associations, foundations, membership-based organizations, charities, or corporate clients seeking to reduce attendance barriers, increase the opportunity to expand the event’s inclusion opportunities, or fulfill a necessity by harnessing the advantages of a virtual or hybrid event. Get in touch to learn more about our past projects and how we can help with your next virtual or hybrid event.


I had the pleasure of working with Alex from Reveal Events Group on our virtual gala. His professionalism, experience, and work ethic were critical to the overwhelming success of the event. I look forward to working with the Reveal Events Group in the future!

Michael Hind, CEO

Virtual Event Planning FAQs 

I've never done this before. What does one need for a virtual event?

The main elements to a successful virtual event include an interactive virtual event platform, audience engagement, and an expert consultant to produce and support your event. With over 25 years of large-scale event production and management experience, our team has the expertise and partner networks to deliver an engaging virtual experience that will go beyond what you imagined.

How will you make my virtual event engaging?

We understand that most people today are dealing with virtual burnout. To gain maximum impact from your virtual event, you need to make sure that it's not just another webinar or Zoom meeting. This is where we come in! We can help you leverage your virtual event platform and create interactive elements, from virtual networking, gamification, at-home deliveries, and more. The result? An interactive virtual experience that your attendees will not forget!

How much does a virtual or hybrid event cost?

There's no set price for a virtual event; it all depends on your budget and event goals. From our end, we treat your budget as if it were our own and use our expertise and industry partnerships to make the most of it. We also assess your event goals and your 'must-have' and 'nice-to-have' elements and filter through those to deliver the most impactful experience for your audience. 

Looking Ahead to Hybrid Events

At Reveal Events Group, we are always looking to the future and thinking about ways to help your event make the most impact. We predict that hybrid events - where your event is held on-site for a select group of guests and broadcast to virtual attendees - will feature heavily in the post-pandemic landscape. 

That's why when you plan a virtual event with us, we ensure that your virtual event is positioned to easily transition to a hybrid event when the public health orders are lifted. All the elements and production that go into your virtual event are designed to ensure that seamless transition to a hybrid event.

We believe that hybrid events will be here to stay, even after the return of large-scale live events. Consider this: if your live event could only attract 200 guests, a virtual event can take that number up to 600 attendees easily. That's because they are accessible and inclusive, and they make it easier for guests to attend. Hybrid events will allow you to have the best of both worlds as you increase attendance, sponsorship value and still retain the interactive elements of live events!

Don't Just Plan Another Zoom Meeting.

Let Us Help You Plan an Online Experience. 

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